While winter is full of beautiful snow, warm sweaters, and hot cocoa in Western North Carolina, it’s also the time of year where you have to make sure you are cautious of rodents attempting to enter the home to stay warm.

Many homes in Asheville, NC and surrounding were built with real wood burning fireplaces in order to have heat indoors, especially older homes, many of which were built without one. Though enjoying the roar of a crackling fire while warming yourself up on a cold day is a winter staple, homeowners should be precautions to ensure that the fire isn’t bringing in unwanted visitors, like mice.

While mice can seem cute, they can also carry bacteria that can lead to disease outbreaks, eat your food, leave their droppings all over your home, and have even damaged electric cords that could potentially cause fires.

1. Move all wood piles several feet away from your home. When the weather gets colder, mice will go to your wood piles before they enter your home because it offers them a place to go to escape the cold. Unfortunately, the mice will ultimately make their way into the home from there soon you have an infestation.

2. Install chimney caps and grates to avoid mice entering through the chimney and escaping into your home via the fireplace. If mice enter the home it can risk the spread of disease and bacteria to your pets, children, and yourself. Avoid dealing with an infestation all together and take steps to plan ahead.

3. Hire a professional and local pest control company to remove rodents if you do have an infestation. Removing pests is not an easy task for beginners, but it’s our pleasure as professionals. We can identify nesting areas and feeding areas in order to know how to completely eliminate them. Proper cleanup is also performed, ensuring that you and your family are safe from allergies, disease and future infestations.

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