Wildlife and small pests can find a way into even the smallest cracks in your home, especially during colder temperatures. Consider this, mice only need 1 cm wide of space in order to get inside your home and can do some serious damage once they get inside your walls. Other places that typically go undisturbed, like attics and garages, have a higher potential for infestation than other rooms of the house. If an infestation does happen, call a professional immediately before any pest or wildlife causes costly damage to your home by chewing through wood or wiring.

Identification and removal are the first key steps to eliminate pests. Contact a professional that can safely and humanely remove a pest from your home. Don’t rely on a DIY solution, many at-home techniques require you to leave poison out. This may kill the pest but their remains can create foul odors or even spread bacteria, especially if they end up in pipes or walls. This could be particularly detrimental if you have small children, elderly, or pets in your home because of their weaker immune systems.

After an expert removes the pest and eliminates the problem, future prevention is essential. If you have a deck, garden, or pool you can help with prevention by installing exclusion barriers. They are ideal for keeping out raccoons, opossums, snakes and more. Our experts can install barriers and check around your home as well for any further damage that could lead to a future infestation.

At Animal Control Experts, we are experienced professionals that specialize in 24/7 wildlife solutions across North Carolina and Georgia. We are dedicated to keeping pests out of your home for good. Contact us with any questions or to book a home inspection at 1-888-ACE-1ACE.