No matter where you reside in North Carolina chances are you’ve heard
squirrels chattering outdoors or heard them scampering on your roof. It’s good to know a few facts about your neighbouring critters like squirrels just in case you have a run in with them or they get in your home.

What type of squirrel lives in North Carolina?
The Eastern Gray Squirrel can be found throughout the state, while the Southern Flying Squirrel is common, it’s rarely seen because it’s nocturnal. The Red Squirrel, Eastern Fox Squirrel, and Northern Flying Squirrel can also be found in limited areas.

How are squirrels getting into my house?
The most common entry point is the attic that provides a safe and warm nesting location for young squirrels. They can also get in through open garage doors, screened porches with holes or rips, and open windows.

Are squirrels dangerous?
Squirrels will not attack you unprovoked but they may bite or scratch if you try to catch or touch them without proper gloves.

Can squirrels transmit rabies?easterngraysquirrelmammal8
All mammal species are susceptible to rabies; however squirrels are rarely found to be infected. It’s still a better option to let the professionals handle the wildlife.

If you are not big on sharing your outdoor living spaces with the local wildlife, contact us here and we’ll evaluate your wildlife situation and find a humane and safe solution!