One of our frequently asked questions is “What is the difference between Wildlife Control and Pest Control?” Although Asheville, Greenville, and Atlanta’s wildlife like rodents, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, armadillos, and foxes should undoubtedly be considered as pests, there are distinct differences between Animal Control Experts and a pest exterminator.

For Example:
Exterminators will typically handle pests like insects and bugs. If you find spiders or ants in your home, you need a pest exterminator. Although nuisance wildlife may be defined as “pests,” we handle rats and mice rather than termites.

However, not all insects are off the table; we do offer services for the removal of bees, wasps, and other dangerous stinging insects. Removing hazardous stinging insects from your home is one of our specialties. Though our principal concern is eliminating wildlife from homes, businesses, and other locations, and in the resolution of conflicts. We also repair any damage done by wildlife so other critters won’t be able to enter. For a full list of our wildlife and pest removal services take a look here.

Our Animal Control Experts are the perfect people to call if:
– you hear scurrying in your walls, floors, or ceiling
– find your yard full of small hills or even holes
– screen doors or windows have mice sized cuts (about an inch)
– bees or wasps invading your backyard or patio
– notice gnaw marks on pergolas, decks, or door frames

If you believe you have wild animals invading your home in the North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia area, contact us today. Whether you suspect damage or visibly see any damage, we are experts at repairing any harm to your home caused by wildlife.