1. Gnaw marks

Mice gnaw on objects like wood, pipes, and wires to keep their incisor teeth sharp. If you don’t see gnaw marks but suspect mice look for attributed signs like sawdust or woodchips.

2. Small droppings
Mice tend to leave droppings near pantries, kitchen cabinets, drawers, the garage, or attic. If you find their droppings you’re guaranteed to have an infestation.

3. Squeaking sounds
Mice aren’t as quiet as you’d believe, you can hear rustling, scampering, and squeaks as they move about. You can typically hear these sounds best when you’re getting ready for bed because that’s when they wake up.

4. Holes in bags
A sure sign is if there are holes in your bags or in food packaging. Mice love to snack on anything they can smell including bags of pasta, rice, or beans.

5. Excited pets
If your dog or cat has started to act a little more crazy than usual, especially towards the floor or walls, this could be a sign of mice. Pets typically get excited when they see a mouse or rodent, even more so when they try to tempt them out of a hiding spot.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call a professional wildlife control company like Animal Control Experts. We have the training and certification to do the job right the first time. Contact us here!