Squirrels are known for being ambitious little critters that will go above and beyond to find a place they consider “safe to live”. Sometimes they even find their way in despite your best efforts. Squirrel removal is a job best left for professionals considering that when most squirrels create a home, they start a family. Which may sound cute, but can also cause some serious damage to your property.

How do you know if squirrels have invaded your home? First inspect the house. Check areas such as your garage or attic, these are prime locations for squirrels. Look for holes in any fencing or any screens as well. A sure sign that you have an invader is if you hear something coming from the walls or the ceiling. Another being if you find foreign animal droppings around your home in secluded spaces.

Prevention is the next step. Consider setting up exclusion barriers around your home, it’s an excellent way to prevent future invasions. Squirrels are not typically aggressive but can always do damage by spreading disease or chew through wood/wiring. This can pose a threat to any home that has children or animals. Contact a wildlife removal expert at Ace1Ace to handle the situation in a safe and humane manner.

Squirrel removal services