If you have a wildlife issue at home, give our ACE professionals a call. No matter what the problem is, our mission is to give customers excellent professional wildlife removal services and education. We strive to provide the best quality service while providing environmentally conscious methods.

With an ecosystem that is full of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, snakes, bats, coyotes, and many other wildlife species, it can quickly become a nuisance if prevention techniques aren’t in place. Animal Control Experts will target the particular animals that have become a problem to you and remove them from your home. If animals have found a way inside, we can seal the structure so that there’s no chance for re-entry.

We love animals and are proud to say that our humane wildlife removal services involve safely catching the animal and relocating afterwards. We aim to educate our communities on how to prevent wildlife from becoming a problem in Asheville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Greenville, and Atlanta areas.

To book a home inspection, contact us here or call 1-888-ACE-1ACE.A