Pests can find their way into even the smallest cracks of your home if you are not prepared. Mice only need 1 cm wide of space in order to claim your home. Places that typically go undisturbed, like attics and garages, have a higher potential for infestation. If infestation does occur many pests can cause costly damages to your home if they decide to eat through wood or wiring.

Identification and removal are the first steps to eliminate pests. Contact a professional that can safely and humanely remove them. Many at home techniques require you to leave poison out. This may kill the pest but their remains can great foul odors, especially if they end up in pipes or walls.

After removal, future prevention is essential. If you utilize your outdoors by having a deck, garden, or pool you may want to consider exclusion barriers. They are perfect for keeping raccoons, opossums, snakes and more out. While installing barriers check for any damages around your home that may need repairs.

At Ace1Ace, we are professionals that specialize in damage repairs and exclusion barriers. We can find an accommodating solution for you depending on your homes landscape and aesthetic. We are dedicated to keeping pests out of your home for good. Contact us with any questions or inquiries at 1-888-ACE-1ACE.