Spring is here, and there is plenty to look forward to especially spending time in your own backyard. New blooms, warmer weather, Easter egg hunts, and spring showers. Spring is beautiful, but it also brings on trouble-making pests such as bees/wasps, moles, snakes, raccoons, and more. Follow these tips to discourage pests from invading your home.

1. Exterior Intrusions – Seal all crevices and any small entry points pests may find. Check all exterior areas such as breaker boxes, unfinished basements, attics, and cracked concrete. You’d be surprised to learn mice only need an opening .25 inches wide.

2. Interior Intrusions – Be sure to check around pipes and water-supply lines or where there is any access to water. Check for any damp areas or moisture in the bathroom or basement.

3. Inspect Doors – Any exterior door without a door sweep may give easy access for pests crawl in and enter your home. If you have a crack that is even a quarter of an inch wide, get it fixed immediately to avoid an infestation.

4. Maintain Outside – Keep all bushes and plants trimmed back, do not stack firewood next to the home, and clean up all piles of leaves that may be across the yard, especially with dead leaves and blooms falling across the yard. Maintaining the outside of your house gives fewer places for pests to crawl and hide inside.

5. Spring Clean – Keeping your home clean is a big step in keeping pests out. Bugs and pests are most likely to invade your kitchen or bathroom, which means you need to clean off every surface and under all appliances. When it comes to pests, if there is a will, there is a way. Make sure food is stored correctly, inspect for any leaks, and keep your trash area tidy to give pests fewer options for invasion.

Take these tips as starting points to keep pests out but if you have a pest invasion, call our professionals as soon as possible. Spring is meant to be spent outdoors, do so without inviting critters into your home. Sometimes pests can become more of a problem than you can control if so, contact Ace1Ace to provide professional quality pest control services. Keep troublesome critters out for good this season.

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