Honeycomb removal is a crucial component of bee removal process. By doing this, you prevent future infestations from other pests, potential architectural damage from melting honey, and you also eliminate any prospect of bees returning.

Abandoned honeycombs can become filled with freeloader insects or may attract possible rodents that could create more trouble. Removal shouldn’t be a DIY project either, leave it up to the pest professionals.

If you hear buzzing in the wall, this is a sign of a beehive making a honeycomb in the wall. An abandoned honeycomb over time will start to decay and create a foul smell that can only go away when the honeycomb is removed. Most honeybee stings are not deadly though an allergic reactions are common and could result in a visit to the hospital.

Our ACE Experts will eliminate the possibility of another bee colony making a home in an abandoned honeycomb by removing it, painting over the nest area, filling the nest cavity with insulation, then sealing and painting all entrance holes. Doing so will drop the risk another swarm smelling the old nest and moving in.

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